Pear Blossons are a sure sign of a Freeze!

Last week out running errands I made note of the Pear Blossoms. Followed by sunny days, then a surprise snow-ing. Just yesterday I noticed a big glorious burst of blossoms all showy and promising of Spring covered our neighbor’s tree. After the snow fall earlier this week I thought we were out of the woods concerning a freeze.

Well, did I tell you I talked to my Mom again?

Yep, she said more snow.

HOW does she know these things?? Does she have a different weather guy?, The Weather Channel, MSN weather. ALL got it wrong.

I think we should elect my Mom for National Weather Guy.  Yep, I knew early on to pay attention to that woman or find a good place to hide.

Long story short.

It snowed today…just like she said it would.

How funny is that?

She called, told me to be careful going out of town this weekend because black ice will still be on the roads. Weather guy, MSN, all say high of 68* on Sunday. Guess what I’ll be watching for on those roads?

Until then, I’m having Vanilla Chai Tea, with a little cream. YUM!

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2 Responses to Pear Blossons are a sure sign of a Freeze!

  1. celestina marie says:

    Mellissa, Love your pics. It was beautiful if we don’t have to drive in it. I think your mom has it pegged right. Be careful this weekend. The tea looks like it was enjoyable on this cold snowy day!hugs,Celestina,La Rea Rose

  2. Esther Sunday says:

    Poor me a cup, will you? Love, Esther

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