Things are changing!

Since Saturday we are officially ’empty nesters’!

Our two boys have an apartment. They are one block from campus, much closer than the parking lots assigned to those with expensive parking permits. The bus stops right in front of their small complex and I believe students ride free anywhere in the city. Not that they will use the bus…I can only hope they will once they get reconnected to the internet and learn where the stops are.

They cooked their first meal last night and I was told the Older of the two can make Rice-A-Roni as good as mine. ๐Ÿ™‚ It seems they have figured out how to share the chores. One is very organized the other is an adorable slob. Both are mine, so they are Fabulous! I’m so happy they are having a positive experience so quickly.

I was informed I would no longer have free slave labor. Really! I somehow managed to scoop the cats box without repeated nagging to get it done. AND It took me approx two minutes to empty the dishwasher and I didn’t have to ask for it to be done over and over. Yep, I already miss that free slave labor…lol!

So what do I do now that there are no more men in my house, ‘cept Hubby?

I sit naked under the cool breeze of the ceiling fan and drink iced tea, read blogs and NO one asks me what’s for dinner. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m feeling rather spoiled.

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2 Responses to Things are changing!

  1. Kay says:

    Melissa, I was all prepared for the trauma of being an empty nester, I got the dog as Dr. Phil suggested and knew life would be over once my child moved away. But…I’m finding all kinds of things to do and all kinds of freedom to be able to do whatever I want! My daughter is only a half hour away, so that helps and she is generally calls every day just to check in and so I think I have the best of both worlds. Enjoy this stage of life and the ice tea and blogs! Kay

  2. They call me Estatez... says:

    Oh Mels, I am soooooo jealous! We had an empty nest for 9 months. I would love to have one again!!! Not to be. The Prodigal Son is moving back in with his wife and dog next month. Lord spare me!Laurie

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