PINK Saturday Goodies

Many thanks to our Sweet PINK Saturday Hostess, Beverly! There you will find a lovely list of those participating in PINK Saturday! Believe me, there are so many pretties and so many Wonderful Fun people participating you will want to visit them all!

This is a display I change out frequently. That vanity belonged to my GMom and was given to me at her passing. I love it as much as she did. One thing about GMom, she wasn’t afraid to paint something. This, she painted a dark brown. It is old as dirt, probably given to her by her MIL as so many of her things were. I’ve never repainted it as it seems the darker tones better highlight my pretties…but I constantly think it should be White or Pink and probably will be one day soon, cause I am SO ready for a new look!

Pink…it is stunning and highlights those colors around it. I added just a Whisper of Pinks to this arrangement and I love the difference it makes. I believe the Pink pulls it from the background to a stand alone piece, don’t you?

From the 40’s, stamped Made in USA, this is one of my favorite Pink pieces.

This is a lamp, I bought it to make a tassel,then decided I liked it better as a lamp. The roses are so delicate and the prettiest shade of pink. The greens and golds are just my favorite and the oyster shade of white was the perfect subtle background.

My favorite shades of Pinks are in this arrangement, I just love looking at the subtle shade changes from pink to pale lavender or a rich toned rose.

This is one of my favorite Rose pieces, I just love it. I painted it for sale and the sealer bubbled slightly so I kept it and have enjoyed it so much.

I hope you enjoyed my Pink Pretties…..Click here and go look at all the other PINK Saturday Goodies!

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20 Responses to PINK Saturday Goodies

  1. Darlene says:

    You have some lovely, beautiful pink pieces. They do stand out on the dark wood. Happy Pink Saturday!


    Happy Pink Saturday!You have such lovely Pink pieces!~ Gabriela ~

  3. Susan Hickam says:

    You are right-they pop on the dark brown. Love the candy dish! Thanks for sharing with us today. Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. CONNIE says:

    Aahhh, look at all these pink treasures you have. They look great on this dark vanity you have.Happy PS and have a great weekend!

  5. Anonymous says:

    That is one absolutely beautiful display of pinks. I agree about the contrast of the display against the vanity. It really looks pretty!

  6. suesueb says:

    all your pink is beautiful but i especially love the piece from the 40’s. have a great pink day!

  7. Lochlanina says:

    Happy Pink Saturday.I can;t believe you made that pitcher — you’re so talented!

  8. Cori G. says:

    Oh what a lovely display of pink dishes. I could sit there all day and look at them.Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

  9. Dawn says:

    You have quite a collection of treasure on the vanity. Your display is very pretty! I like the way the colors really stand out.Happy Pink Saturday!take care,Dawn

  10. Beverly says:

    Happy Pink Saturday, Melissa.I love the piece from your grandmother. I don’t think I would change the color. All of your pretty pieces stand out so nicely against it.Do you still paint china?

  11. ceekay says:

    You have beautiful pieces, but I tell you that pink three part dish is absolutely wonderful. I would be using that at my teas…Thank you for showing it.

  12. Joy says:

    That is quite a pretty vignette. I bet it’s fun to rearrange it from time to time!

  13. Kathy says:

    The vanity is gorgeous! The pink treasures on them are so pretty too. The pitcher you painted is beautiful!Kathy

  14. My Crafty Little Page says:

    Love your Gmom’s vanity – she was ahead of her time painting it dark. Lovely pinks, too! Nancy

  15. Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden says:

    Gorgeous pink goodies!!!

  16. Cote de Texas says:

    omg!!! I LOVE Pink!!! so pretty.ok – thank you for your wonderful comment!!! wow – you really outdid yourself. Found out something about them – she left him – second wife – gone – living in a high rise now!!!! he was too type A for her laid back ness. pretty funny huh?thanks again!Joni

  17. sarah @ a beach cottage says:

    love that candy dish, my grandma had one similar but in green and each one was a leaf..i would love that dish in the cottage, I soooo am a vintage dish addict lol

  18. Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage says:

    Hello Melissa!Happy belated Pink Saturday! You would make your Grandmother very proud with your display on her sweet vanity! Such pretty eye candy!!!Hugs,Maryjane

  19. Margie says:

    All your *pinks* are so pretty and your vanity is simply gorgeous! I love it!

  20. Darla @ UltraBeautyBoutique says:

    Gorgeous arrangements.

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