Is it me?
Am I just totally OLD here? I’ll admit to being a little clueless…….but I don’t get it.

Dominoes Pizza just sent me an email inviting me to use my cell/mobile phone to place my order via signing on to the internet and texting my order.

Now, if I wanted pizza and wanted to use my Cell/mobile/wireless (what DO we call these today?) wouldn’t I just call?

Why would I punch buttons and go through doing internet online thing, punching all those buttons when I could spend half the time talking to a human….?

Especially if I’m on the way home from work or running errands. Wouldn’t I just use my cell to call it in?

One day, we will get an email that says: “pizza made EZ!! Just punch 10 buttons and speak.

What am I missing here?

Ok, I will say that last time I tried to order pizza over the phone the guy couldn’t speak English and therefore couldn’t understand me. I tried to be nice, finally I just said ‘thanks anyway’ and hung up. I do order online now. Besides, I like that little ticker thing they have that shows when the pizza is made and by whom.

But use my cell/mobile/wireless? And not CALL in the order?

Hmmm…Maybe if I had a bad case of laryngitis…that is what it’s for, now I get it!

My Grandmother would SO be giggling right now. She’d love this!

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3 Responses to Weird-ities

  1. Terri says:

    Dominos isn’t even that good anymore! And they are smaller, arent they

  2. Cottage says:

    Yes, they are smaller now. Their large used to be their medium.Have you had Pizza Huts new pizza? It’s like CiCi’s or Little Ceasar’s. Ick!

  3. Donna says:

    No, it’s not just you. If you’re ordering a pizza on the phone, one would think it’d be by calling. If I was going to order via the internet, it’d be on my PC.

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