Vintage Pink

A Vintage Pink table linen stained beyond saving
A Pink Sewing Machine
A pretty Pink pouch for just about anything!

Stuffed with your Pink flannel PJs and tossed eloquently on the bed…
Stuffed with you Bible and notebook for Church or an afternoon Truth Dig
Stuffed with your latest crafting/quilting
Stuffed with pretty papers, envelopes, teas for a unique gift to be laid on top of the desk for anyone to see

Either way, it sits Pretty and Pink just about Anywhere, for Everyone to enjoy!

Just to let you know…
I made a small pouch of white cloth and sewed it just inside the Vintage pouch so the weight of my Bible and notebooks wouldn’t harm the old fabric. Then I attached two small plastic rings to the back for hanging on the wall by the bed. If your vintage piece is frail you might want to make a pouch to fit inside like I did.

Happy PINK Saturday!

Want more PINK fix? Click here for the list at How Sweet The Sound

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6 Responses to Vintage Pink

  1. Smilingsal says:

    Aren’t you creative? Happy Pink Day.

  2. Seams to Sew and Quilt says:

    This was my first time visiting your blog and you really have a lot of pretty things. I love the pink sewing machine and the yo yo cover. Thanks for sharing.

  3. CC says:

    I love your beautiful blog. There are so many sweet things, from pea salad (which I have to try your way) to a breadbox with roses. How wonderful. Happy Pink Saturday and have a great week-end.

  4. Sondra Behne' says:

    That is such a great idea. I have a preyer book that has gotton me though a lot of tough times that has sat on my dresser for years. This would be perfect for more then one reason. Thanks again.Sondra

  5. Beverly says:

    Melissa, this is just beautiful. You are so talented.Happy Pink Saturday.

  6. Ellen says:

    How sweet is this little bag..:)EllenL

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