Favorite Things

Since my Moratorium on spending back in 2001 I have made do with what I had. It wasn’t too much a sacrifice because I was quite the Spendy One before then and have lots of things to play with. But, a little brag, I also have been gifted through rEcycle and Freecycle groups.

This armoire was one of those items.

It is an antique from England, I was told. The lady had lost her desire to refinish it, so I ended up with it.

See that table to the left? Another antique saved from the landfill by some smart curb-side shopping. It has chippy white paint covering pink chippy paint. Love it!

Above that is an old dresser mirror I painted roses on.

The stained glass came from an old building in Decatur, TX. It was in my kitchen window for a while but it seemed perfect for over the armoire.

On the other side is one of my favorite things…My mother’s doll from when she was a little girl.

Her name is Jennifer Nancy. Grandmother brought the doll home from a friend she had visited. The little doll was quite worn and needed a new covering. G-Mom took fabric she had left over from making the quilt Jennifer Nancy is sitting on and made the little doll a new covering.

The wooden chair is from my precious father’s office in downtown Dallas. His company sold decades ago and is now condo and studios for artists…I like that.

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