Cathedral Window Quilts, I love ’em!

I’ve dreamed of making a Cathedral Window Quilt for a LONG time. Have you? They remind me of Stained Glass peeking through a beautiful white window. They can be tedious.

Then, a friend explained the process of making a Faux Cathedral Window Quilt! Sounded so simple and she was right, it is!

Aren’t these cute?

Here is the finished sample as I piddled around defining a process that could be quick yet not pucker in the middle, as was my friend’s complaint.

The middle is made using old flour sacks from a Lifetime ago. They belonged to my hubby’s Grandmother and given to me at her passing due to my love of Roses, Pink and Green. In the middle, a very high thread count sheet that was stained beyond use. And the Stripe from quilt fabric I had on hand.

I started making templates fast as I could. A set for my friend, my mom and me.

I’ll be at the quilt shop first thing! I am thinking a Faux Cathedral Window Table runner and Chair Covers in a theme of Silver Bells…a mantle cloth, piano topper…

Happy Pink Saturday!

And a thank you to our gracious hostess, Beverly Click on her name to see other Pink Saturday Posts!

Have a lovely weekend!

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