Happy Pink Saturday!!

Little dashes of Pink sprinkled about get the day off to a good start.

A small bowl Pink depression glass with Pink and yellow packets, flowers on a tea cart topped with a Pink Rose bud and cinnamon and vanilla setting on a Vintage tip tray with lush Pink and lavender roses are a special greeting early in the morning.

Hug a Lump waits patiently while mommy has her first cup (half pot) in her Yum Pink mug.

Rich Coffee
2 drops Vanilla
3 full dashes of Cinnamon
2T Half n Half
Sweetened to taste
Stir well.

A Yummy way to start Pink Saturday!

Ah, eyes open, brain in gear…time for that second cup.

Come on George let’s tell everyone Happy Pink Saturday! before we step out the patio to freshen the bird bath and listen to the sounds of the weekend.

Be sure to visit our sweet Hostess for Pink Saturday, Beverly at Howsweetthesound.typepad.com

Happy Pink Saturday,
Melissa…and George

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