Dreams Do Come True

WAY back when we first got married we lived here:

It was here I first saw fabric art in a magazine and fell in Love with the Idea! But life happened and that magazine was tossed to the far back of my mind.

We moved, and moved and moved and after a while I remembered the magazine article and knew I wanted to make a wall hanging of all the places we have lived.

This weekend I was able to start with our first house! But I couldn’t find the photo I took some 3 years ago just for this occasion. Waa-Laa, Google Maps!

It still has the same paint we painted it 24 years ago!

Hancock Fabrics had a sale Sunday. Grabbed what I needed and got started right away washing the fabric and drawing the house out on paper.

Then I cut out the pieces as a pattern for the fabric and had the best time Monday. Hubby cooked out or made the Adorables something for lunch and I was so spoiled playing with my fabric and sewing machine.

I found some fabric with words that I thought would mimic the black iron scroll work on the front porch and I carried it all the way across like I would if we lived there today.

I’m not finished, lots to add but I needed to stop and make a Cell Phone Cozy for a special order to match the Camera Cozy I made last week.

So I ran and got some really whimsical fibers to put on it…I love weaving and the embellishing!

That furry stuff has little prisms of pink sparklies…I think she’ll love it!

Just wanted to pop in and say ‘hi’.

Hope your week is Blessed and Blissful,

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