Happy Pink Saturday!

Wow, already the second week in June! I would really like to know just where that time went, wouldn’t you? So many things I want to do, ideas spinning in my mind left undone or half done. This is the year I decided to take action. Finish up the started projects, start the new ones and break away from the computer and LIVE.

Don’t get me wrong, I still start my day with coffee and blogs, reading a few emails. But when the house clears and the morning rush turns into a day, I’m in my dining room sketching, sewing, painting, thinking…living my day.

And that brings me to Pink Saturday… 🙂

Last week I showed some of my trays to help me stay organized. This week my plan was to show this and a few other items:

It’s a vanity mirror from long ago painted pretty. I keep it on my desk with my dad’s old hole punch from his office in downtown Dallas. (I also keep prescription bottles there when necessary or pens and pencils.) I LOVE old stuff! And being his makes it all the more dear. I feel like I possess a bit of History to go along with the stories I heard from his travels and the goings on at ‘the office’.

It’s not pink, I know…

But it has a place of honor in this tray of Pink.

And thanks to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound I am able to share it with you like ‘Show and Tell’ in Elementary school. I would have brought the wooden file boxes and the old Royal typewriter but they weren’t Pink and I imagine on Pink Saturday Pink is expected.

With the storms we had Wednesday evening through Thursday morning and the details brought on by the aftermath, I quite forgot about Pink Saturday until just now (10ish on Friday night). I hope you will forgive and return next Saturday where I will have some pretties to display.

Till then…LIVE your life. Step out of the ordinary routine and experience the difference.

AFTER Pink Saturday, of course! Click here to enjoy the beauty Beverly has blessed us with for over a year!

About 7:30am I’ll be grabbing my Yum mug out of the dishwasher, filling it with the coffee my fabulous Man will have made and tuning in to Beverly’s to get a Pink start for my day…

Hugs for Living,

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