Greetings, Pinkies!

It’s a Gorgeous Pink Saturday!

I’ve seen many lovely Roses, Peonies and Petunias these last few weeks…leaving me wishing I had put in that rose garden and maybe researched names of those I’d love to grow. Until then, I am enjoying other Blogger’s photos of their gardens as they spring to life!

I’ve been embroidering this week with the Office Assistants curiously watching what I am doing with these hands…when I should be petting them, scratching their heads and rubbing their bellies.

I remembered a Mouse Pad I designed and sold for a while…thought you might like to take a peek and share the lift these sayings provide. They put ‘things’ in perspective for the Weekend and the rest of our beautiful days!

Toss perfection and give yourself a HUG!

Then pop on over to Beverly’s for the Pink Saturday line up. Special thanks to our hostess Beverly for providing us these Pink Pleasures!


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