Vintage Pink Cover Cook Book

A Special Thanks to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for being our Pink Saturday Hostess!

It was 1963.

Modern was ‘in’. Modern was NEW! Modern brought changes to the American way of life. And, along with The Sixties, LOTS of freedoms and, in the end…Lots of Men and Women were Single and Entertaining friends…

and a child or two.

Entertaining was to be Avant-Guard and Posh. And nothing like mom did it.

It was a time of change!

And a time when young (citified) ladies didn’t always learn the homemaking arts from their mothers and grandmothers.

It also was a time when men were still very ignorant of kitchen skills and simply weren’t expected to cook.

So it was the PERFECT time for Jo Coudert to write the book: The I Never Cooked Before Cook Book.

But wrap it in PINK?

What were the publishers thinking?

Perhaps it was a way to attract the ignorant but ‘willing to learn male’ while letting the female know she was on the right track.


Sure seems right for today!

The cover shows sure sign of wear with a tear or two here and there.

The INSIDE is where the meat is…so to speak.

And it should be given a place of honor at the kitchen desk or any place were curious minds will take notice, because it is just that captivating.

As with all Vintage books, the nips, tucks, tears and such are expected; all the signs of a well loved book.

But I love the way the copyrights are shown and the copyright statement is amusing as well.

Remember the old Mimeograph machines? How about tape recorders?

It’s a trip back through the Old Days for sure.

And yet so relevant for today.

It’s a keeper, for sure.

Now, hop on over to Beverly’s for all the Pink Saturday goodies!

Happy Pink Saturday,

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