Fall in the Kitchen with Pumpkins

There is an old wooden tray I use frequently that is so Vintage with its chips and layers of paint, just reminds me of Fall. I turned it upside down on a fall table cloth then wrapped it a couple times with pretty Fall ribbon and topped it with those sweet little pumpkins I made last week…then pulled out my favorite fall tapers and I think it looks cute.

Can you tell those are pumpkins on the table?

This little vignette with my Great Grandmother’s wardrobe in the background truly makes me happy. When I pass by it it says Family, Warmth, and Comfort.

And to make this week even more special, I’m going to visit my BFF this weekend! Have NO idea what we will do but there will be lots of talking and laughing…and a little embroidering.

I hope your Autumn is cool and crisp with all the comforts of the Peace He gave to us; the Peace He left with us

Warm fall hugs,


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