A bit of Normal

I’m not feeling up to a quilting session or cleaning up the house just yet. But I am able to embroider those pumpkin drawings I showed a few posts back.

Turned out really cute!

You can see in the raw drawing that I included lots of curlicues. They are much easier drawn or painted than embroidered…those curlicues get shortened and/or eliminated at will…lol!

Orange isn’t my favorite color so I chose to embroider the 8 pumpkins in 4 colors plum, burgundy, dark cinnamon and straight up pumpkin. Two shades of green provide contrast and accents on each piece.

They should look nice on the table runner for Thanksgiving.

Embroidery is very time consuming but should be pretty for years to come and if handled well, an heirloom. So I am wanting to make these as nice as possible.
Another help to me has be the Online Retreats the Texas Quilter group has the first of the month. Gives us a chance to plan and set goals and work to meet them rather than letting those plans take a place on the back burner.

What are you working on for the Holidays?

Let’s see, one done, one ready for the leaves and curliques…6 to go.

That’s what I’m up to,

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