Christmas Day

We had a lovely day!

My Mother-In-Law came, which is very rare, and my mom.  Hubby picked them up and we had lunch, a small gift exchange, some laughs and pleasant conversation around the fireplace. It felt good, like it should be, like family and love.  I wanted to bottle it. Good memories!

The moms were dressed so nicely.  My mom is a thrift store addict and always looks nice, like she shops high end stores.  My Mom In Law wore the cutest sweater!  She always selects the nicest outfits.  Her sweater was black and had Christmas candy cane stripes and resin buttons of snowmen, candy canes, etc.  She looked adorable.

Hubby cooked his amazingly tender turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy. Mom brought her squash casserole, corn pudding, cheese sauce and kibi. With a few additions and pies we were stuffed piggies and the food dishes looked barely touched.

My two boys, still home in college, are such a blessing.  They are humorous and love picking at me, joking around and laughing.  They are so precious and let me hug them, kisses are limited still, they are men after all.

My best gift, besides having my boys still home and the Moms together on Christmas Day, was the complements on my decorating and MIL insisting my roses were good enough to be in a gallery. So sweet and appreciated.

Times like these totally reinforce to me how amazingly blessed I am.  A hubby who cares about me and has for 30+ years and the list goes on and on.

Christmas Day was relaxing and VERY special.

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