Lots of Scrappin’ FUN

When you hear the term ‘Old School’ what do you think of?

Makes me think of fast GAS drinking cars, computer absentee cards and walking through my dad’s office and seeing piles of huge, heavy ledger books from his accounting business.  The old typewrite was there on his humongous desk with pull out work areas. 

My mom could make that typewriter sing! and she could also work the ‘comptometer’, a beastly looking adding machine contraption.  And when she would help dad balance the books the adding machine would run non-stop as Mom’s fingers skillfully ran over the numbers.  I don’t think she every looked up while she was punching on it.  She knew exactly where all those numbers were.

And right outside his office was the niche where the phone was. And a little shelf for the phone book.  But we were very modern and had the ‘new’ touch tone phones and plugs that we could carry around the house to different rooms.  I had a phone in my room too!  No more phone in the hall hard wired to the wall.

I had a stereo with headphones so huge my mother promised I’d be deaf one day and stuffed in the bottom of my basket were library books she didn’t want me to read…I was to be studying and making As. I was threatened with a Prep School if my B and C grades didn’t improve. I LOVED the idea of prep school! As it turned out I made it into a ritzy little college on the strength of my SAT score. That pleased the parents and now I scrapbook for a living…lol!

So when I saw the Pink Paislee ‘Old School’ collection, I HAD to have it!! It would be perfect with my Rolodex card and Vintage phone die cuts and pennants waving from each page!

Here are a few of the pages I have completed…

LOVE these Rolodex die cuts!


Two pockets to hold photos and memories and a pretty sparkly fourish

More pennants, The large circles are for more photos or journaling and the Tim Holtz Ornate frames are slipped into their own pocket and can be for photos, memories and once they are removed, there is another circle for another photo or journaling.

Don't you love those flourishes? And the pennants?

The envelope in the center of the page has little squares where I wrote my dreams, then I closed the top and slip it under the flower to hold it down.

The jounaling tags slip under the edge and lock under the green tab at the top


A journaling spot where the rotory dial would be


Doesn't this look like it was pulled out of an attic?

What are your memories from Back in the Day?

Happy Monday….



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