Happy Thanksgiving 2011

We had a very nice day. My mom brought Corn pudding, squash casserole, cheese sauce, Kibi, chocolate cupcakes and Hubby made mashed potatoes, giblet gravy, stuffing and rolls. I made pecan and chess pies. Yum! We are stuffed little piggies! Hubby usually makes the turkey but this year the guys picked up a turkey from Popeyes. It was SO tender! Hubby can cook a fabulous, tasty turkey, but I must admit this Popeye turkey was REALLY good!
Hubby worked hard in the kitchen all morning….he is amazing!

My younger son telling G’mom how things work at his work…on call for the Holidays, cause he is low man on the totem pole.

We gathered around the serving bar to say a Prayer

Notice the little two fingers behind daddy’s head?

My Christmas Cactus was in full bloom and I decorated the table with Fall leaves and candles.

Could not find my Fall table cloth so I cut out some different sizes of Fall leaves and scattered them across the table…it was quicker than sewing up a table runner.
And then I decorated some gold glitter candles with leaves and more glitter all glued to a belly band.

Earlier I made a wreath that says Happy Fall…added glitter and before I new it glitter was all over it…LOL!

That went on the mantle and just under the mantle the banner AUTUMN is hung and I’ll make a mini album out of the photos from this fall. And I glittered it up real good too.. 🙂

And the piano needed a little Holiday cheer…

Tomorrow, we’ll decorate for Christmas! But for now, I’m going back for some yummy left overs.

Happy ThanksGiving to each of you,

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